So, you’ve made it through your first few French lessons, but the thing about lessons is even the “games” tend to feel like homework. And the key to making real progress is consistency, and for that you need to stay motivated.  So the sooner you can reap some rewards for your efforts and have a bit of fun with the language, the better.

1. Memrise

Free online interactive lessons.  You grow your garden of vocabulary by “planting” and “watering” the words and earn points for keeping them healthy.  It’s actually kind of fun. You can also compete against friends if you like.  There’s a social media aspect in that you can follow and be followed by other learners – and of course share your results on facebook.


Disney’s French website has a tons of content about all your favorite Disney characters, movies and TV shows. That includes characters from the Marvel Universe. Games, craft activities, trailers and more.

3. Gulli

Much like the Disney site, but for a different cast of characters, including Power Rangers, Smurfs, My Little Pony, Monster High and Yu-gi-oh. Games, activities, simple recipes, and more.

4. Red Karaoke

Learning song lyrics can be a very effective way of learning words and phrases. You don’t need to know what it means to sing it, some of it you’ll be able to figure out, and you can look up lyrics using to figure out a bit more. A free account on this site allows you to  sing along with a sizable catalogue of French songs from Serge Gainsbourg to Lara Fabian.

5. Corner French Bistro

OK, so these are lessons and not exactly fun. But if you’re looking for free, why not start with animated French lessons on YouTube where the characters speak, you repeat, and the words appear on a “magic chalkboard”.


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