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Mobile devices make it super easy and fun to integrate French into your life beyond the classroom. Watch the news in French while eating breakfast, play a game or read up on your favorite subjects in French, and listen to a French radio station. Pretty much anywhere, at any time you can improve your French doing stuff you do anyway. And if you’re in a more studious mood, there are apps with lessons too.

France 24 Word hex iTooch le cinema francais

Language Learning

Title Level Description Cost System
Front Row French Beginner Work on reading and listening comprehension of simple phrases while earning points that allow you to unlock the next level.  free  iOS
LinguPenguin English- French Beginner Developed for preschoolers, this app uses animated pictures with audio of the vocabulary. free/upgrade options iOS
Duolingo Beginner/Int Makes learning a game. The app rewards you with hearts for learning. free iOS/Android
iTooch Ecole Primaire Beginner An app for French elementary school students to help them with the official curriculum for math and French. free iOS
iTooch College Int/Advanced Like the previous app, but for French high school students and with lessons in math, French, physics and chemistry. free iOS
Améliorez Votre Français Advanced Improve your grip on some of the finer details of French grammar  and expression with lessons and exercises. free /$1.99 premium iOS, Android
La Conjugaison All levels A reference tool for verb conjugations. Also features a thesaurus. free iOS, Android


A quick note about TV. Because of licensing issues, US shows that are dubbed and broadcast in France will usually not play in the US. If you really want to watch NCIS, you can get around the regional restrictions with a VPN (Virtual Private Network) that makes it look like you’re in France.

Title Description Cost System
France 24 Live streaming TV news and programming. It’s like French CNN. free iOS, Android
France TV Pro Loads of live streaming TV channels that give you access to TV series, talk shows, cartoons. There’s a large variety of quality programming, although not all the channels are in French, and some of the video on demand are not what you expect. Explore to find your favorites. free iOS, Android
M6 A French TV channel that’s not included on France TV pro, plus its two subsidiary channels. free iOS, Android (6play)


There are several good apps that allow you to listen to multiple French radio stations on both iOS and Android. Search “French radio” and pick the one that looks best to you. I use France Radio FM.

As far as radio stations, I recommend starting with France Info or Europe 1, since news casters generally enunciate nice and clearly. For an advanced challenge, try Rire et Chansons, a channel that alternates between songs and comedians who have a tendency to talk faster than a valley girl overdosed on double shot lattes. Call in shows are a good way to hear a lot of different voices engaged in conversation. Basically, just explore and find what you like.


Title Description Cost System
Le Major French newspaper. free iOS, Android
Hugo, Victor, collecte de livres Exactly what it ways, a collection of Victor Hugo’s writings in French. $2.99 iOS
Blagues French jokes. I can’t guarantee they will all be funny, but it’s free. free iOS, Android
Le film français Magazine Magazine style app all about French film. free iOS
Le cinema français Trilingual app about French cinema. free iOS, Android
Bible+ Français The holy book in French. free iOS
Bible en français The holy book in French. free Android


Title Level Description Cost System
Adj&Opposite Beginner Word game free/$1.99 upgrade iOS
4 Images 1 Mot Beginner Matching words to pictures. free/upgrades options iOS, Android
Le Pendu Int/Advanced Hangman. There are actually several different versions in French. Oddly, none of them seem to be available on both iOS and Android. Options to look for – setting a level and playing with friends. free/$0.99 iOS, Android
Word Hex Français Advanced Word find game. The app doesn’t include instructions and it took me a few tries to figure it out.  The letters are randomly generated, find a word and slide your finger over the letters. If it’s a real word, they will light up and you’ll get a little lightning bolt as a reward. Then tap the little red button that lights up in the top left of the game board, the used letters will be replaced with new ones. Find as many words as you can before the clock runs out. free/$1.99 upgrade iOS, Android
Sept Petit Mots Advanced Given a set of letter groups and clues, find the correct word. A fun challenge. free iOS, Android
EA Scrabble Advanced The Electronic Arts app has an option to play in French. free/$1.99 premium iOS, Android